IP Data Automation Solution

IPDAS is a leader among Intellectual Property solutions and has been for two decades. Our specialized software seamlessly integrates with major patent and trademark authorities and filing systems.

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EFS-Web Uploads

Automates all EFS-Web filings, including large IDSs.

IDS Management

Simplified IDS creation through data automation and citation status tracking.

IP Forms, Letters, and Emails

USPTO and WIPO forms and fees continually monitored and updated. Easy to customize.

Document Management Integration

Documents are auto-profiled and saved to DM, individually or in bulk.

Bulk Data Downloads

Documents are easily downloaded from PAIR, e-Office Action, TSDR, Espacenet, etc.

Electronic File Wrapper

Mimics a paper file. Three-pane viewer for viewing, editing, and e-filing documents.




IPDAS integrates with leading docketing and document management systems, as well as the USPTO, EPO, and WIPO.


Data Accuracy

Dramatically reduce errors in prosecution documents by minimizing data entry and validating data.



Increase efficiency and output at your firm through data automation, bulk processing, and seamless integration with filing authorities.

"We find AutoDocs to be exceptionally fast in responding to PTO changes in forms, fees, and rules. IPDAS has greatly improved our work product generation and accuracy."

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP


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