More than you ever imagined  all in one tool!

  • Prepare PTO/PCT/EPO forms, client letters, and emails, both individually and in bulk

  • Upload documents to EFS-Web for all filing types, including large IDSs

  • Manage prior art for cross-citing in large families and groups

  • Tree Views describe each case’s priority and subject matter relationships

  • IPDAS profiles and saves documents directly into your existing Document Management System (DMS)

Designed to improve overall speed and data integrity

  • Integration with your docket system ensures that data is current, consistent, and accurate

  • Easy-to-use tools populate data into your database from filing authority systems

  • Auto-saving improves consistency and accuracy of document profiles

  • Avoid common errors caused by staff reusing old documents

  • Automated notifications for IPDAS-detected events


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